Our mission is to make it easier for smokers to administer their own cessation or replacement therapies with the ultimate convenience required to finally help win over the habit or supplement with a safer alternative.


- Your Vape710 Team


We wanted to design a vapourizer that had the maximum potential to help people win over the habit of smoking. We wanted it to be dependable. Firstly, it is not disposable, it’s refillable. Secondly, the cartridges have 510 threads for use with the vast majority of vaporizers on the market. And thirdly, the flow of vapour is maximized for a vapourizer this size by using a double wick atomizer to double the vapour production. For the vast majority of oil and extract administrators, it’s a surprisingly full, satisfying and clean experience. Especially when comparing to the cumbersome task that dabbing can be. Vape 710 is the hand-held, all-day solution for the licensed user on-the-go.

Oil and extract can clog coils over short time and we felt that the best solution is to use a fresh atomizer with each tank fill maximizing flavour and freshness. Vape 710’s compact design also carefully considered the distribution of oil and extracts in cartridges that we’re small enough to keep the premium material costs low but also the fluid volume inside to be an economical amount for wide acceptance.

Vape710 was born in Toronto, Canada way back in 2015. Realizing there was no perfect solution that met all of the needs of today’s extract vaper, we strove to find new ways and new configurations in hardware that offered better alternatives and easier usability – this is the only option on the market that offers ecigarette sized, fast dual charging capabilities and refillable cartridges.


How do you use the Vape710?

Watch video tutorial to learn how to use our Vape710 product. Click HERE


How do you fill the cartridges?

Watch video tutorial to learn how fill the cartridges.
  • How do you fill clear cartridges? Click HERE
  • How do you fill starter kit cartridges? Click HERE


Does it work with dry herb or tobacco?

No. You must add your own concentrates and ejuice blends. When using mixed concentrates, the cartridges will last you all day without constantly needing to be refilled for the ultimate portability and convenience.

This device really works best with distillate, if your license affords it for you. If you are not in a position to be able to attain distillate, we suggest mixing concentrates in a 1gm to 1.5 – 2ml ratio with USP food grade Propylene Glycol (PG) or USP food grade PEG400 in a small double broiler process (shot glass and small saucepan) at a max of 140°F heat for solubility. Be sure to use PG or PEG400 from a trusted source or we suggest using an optimized blend such as Puffmajic or Vapeur Extract. You can also use Vegetable Glycerine (VG), but note extract concentrates tend to be insoluble with Vegetable Glycerine and can separate over time.  See demo HERE.


Does it work with regular ejuice, or with nicotine ejuice?

Yes, both. In fact, if you’re looking to quit smoking everything, it’s very handy to have one vape ready for nicotine ejuice and one for concentrates. [This is the Editor’s choice]


How long is the charge time?

Each vaporizer ecigarette will last 15mins or approximately 50 inhales. Each vaporizer  will re-charge in 15mins. One at a time, or simultaneously. It’s about twice the length of time as a conventional cigarette burn before you need to recharge or alternate.


What if my Charging Case is blinking when it’s charging?

It may be “Protection Mode” because a charger or adaptor that was not supplied with the unit was used. First try charging the charging case without vapourizers until the charging case is fully charged and the lights turn off. Afterwards, place the vapourizers back into the charging case for charging. In fact, it is best practise to take the vapourizers out of the charger before every re-charge of the charging the case to help prevent fluid from leaking or exposing a charging battery to exhaust condensation.


Payment and shipping?

We accept payment through major credit cards. After you place your order, you will be directed to a page where you can view your shipping totals before finalizing your order. We ship all orders via Canada Post using regular delivery service by default.


Secure ordering & payment options?

All orders placed on our site are 100% secure. We know that the security of your credit card and personal information is a top priority for you – and security is top priority for us as well. We make sure you can order your Vape710 product online with complete confidence. We collect your name, address, phone number, email address and credit card information when you place an order and that information is not shared with anyone.


Returns & refunds?

If for some reason you are dissatisfied with the product, please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately by email and we will be sure to address your concerns with priority. We want to hear about your experience and we want to hear what you have to say so that we can always find ways to improve. We will offer a 100% warranty on all parts that considered a manufacturing defective. If you experience leakage of any kind, or a battery that won’t charge, please don’t hesitate to let us know and we will ship a replacement free of charge and provide thorough instructions for cleaning and care. These things can happen sometimes(!) especially when you a first learning how to take care of your Vape 710 but we’re happy to fully support you.


Age Restrictions?

Recommended for adult use only. Use responsibly. Check with your local laws and regulations regarding vapourizing.


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